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序号 题目 作者姓名
1 Photo-induced refractive index change of amorphous tin-doped As <inf>2</inf>S<inf>8</inf> films and its application to strip waveguide fabrication 孙蓓,陈抱雪,隋国荣,王关德,邹林儿,浜中广见,矶 守 2009
2 Photo-induced refractive index change of amorphous tin-doped As2 S8 films and its application to strip waveguide fabrication 孙蓓,陈抱雪,隋国荣,王关德,邹林儿,浜中广见,矶 守 2009
3 IIIumination system design for ocular wavefront aberration measurement 张培茗,陈家璧等 2009
4 Measurement of human eye's aberrations based on information fusion 张培茗,陈家璧,庄松林 2009
5 Investigation of the limit of lateral beam shifts on a symmetrical metal-cladding waveguide 陈麟,朱亦鸣,张大伟,曹庄琪,庄松林 2009
6 Continuance parallel computation grid composed of multi-clusters 陈庆奎,王海峰,王威 2009
7 Analysis of imaging properties of a microlens based on the method for a dyadic Green's function 郭舒文(学生),郭汉明,庄松林 2009
8 One-dimensional transverse superresolution achieved by three-zone dissymmetrical pupil filter 郭舒文(学生),郭汉明,庄松林 2009
9 Energy level and link state aware AODV route request forwarding mechanism research 郝聚涛,赵晶晶,李明禄  2009
10 A simple technique for eliminating the nonlinearity of a heterodyne interferometer 侯文玫 2009
11 Design of a voltage-controlled, high-current source with bipolar output 贾宏志,姜博实,李倩倩 2009
12 Design and thermal characteristics analysis of uncooled 980 nm semiconductor laser packaging 李毅 2009
13 Lateral position tracking control of unpiloted vehicle based on feedback-linearization 刘子龙 2009
14 Lateral position tracking of unmanned vehicles based on reformed single neuron PID control 刘子龙 2009
15 Adaptive and optimal PI controller with robustness 王亚刚,许晓鸣 2009
16 Robust adaptive PI controllers for large dead-time processes 王亚刚,许晓鸣 2009
17 A discussion of noise in dynamic light scattering for particle sizing 杨晖,郑刚,李孟超 2009
18 Efficient approach to odometric error modeling for mobile robots 杨晶东等 2009
19 Reserch on modeling and simulation of VSC-HVDC based on dq0 synchronous coordinate 姚为正等 2009
20 Method of fast edge direction detection based on low-frequency coefficients 张荣福,马玲官,张军 2009
21 Simulation of superfine particles dynamic light scattering based on auto-regressive module 王雅静,郑刚, 2009
22 Large refractive index modulation tilted holographic planar structured grating based on dichromated gelatin 郑继红 等 2009
23 Strong band mixing in bulk GaAs under high electric field investigated by time-domain terahertz spectroscopy 朱亦鸣,张大伟,何波涌,庄松林 2009
24 New method of beam leveling for adaptive front-lighting system under braking 邓亮,陈抱雪(导师),张建彬,隋国荣 2010
25 Study on poly (methylphenylsilane)-poly(benzyl methacrylate) copolymer waveguide fabricated by photobleaching 童灿明,陈抱雪,何磊,隋国荣,矶守 2010
26 Theoretical and experimental study of opposite lateral shifts and polarization beam splitting on symmetrical metal-cladding waveguides 陈麟;朱亦鸣;彭滟;庄松林 2010
27 Investigation of Interference Fringes of Reflected Beam on Double Metal-Cladding Structure 陈麟,彭滟,袁明辉,朱亦鸣 2010
28 SLCA algorithm for XML streams based on hole-filler model 霍欢, 王国仁, 陈庆奎, 彭敦陆 2010
29 The adaptive fragmentation for XML stream dissemination 霍欢,陈庆奎,  王国仁, 彭敦陆, 郝聚涛, 高丽萍 2010
30 Evaluating 3D position and velocity of subject in parabolic flight experiment by use of the binocular stereo vision measurement 金涛,贾宏志,侯文玫, 2010
31 Research on double-space vector modulation of five-phase matrix converter 金爱娟,朱喜,李少龙 2010
32 Infrared optical properties of thermochromic energy-saving thin films with nanostructure 李毅;朱慧群;王海方等 2010
33 Study of VO<inf>2</inf> thermochromic thin films fabricated by pulsed laser deposition 李毅;王海方;俞哓静等 2010
34 Study on temperature dependence of infrared optical properties of vanadium dioxide thin film 李毅;王海方;俞哓静等 2010
35 Wavelength stabilizer with dual fiber Bragg grating for 980 nm semiconductor laser 李毅;黄毅泽;王海方等 2010
36 Experimental verification of negative refractive phenomena of photonic crystal in 10.6 &mu;m wavelength 梁斌明 2010
37 Electrons intervalley transfer gain in bulk GaAs 倪争技;陈麟;王淑玲;张大伟;何波勇;朱亦鸣 2010
38 A fuzzy partial ordering approach for QoS-based selection of web services 彭敦陆/陈庆奎/霍欢 2010
39 Managing the replaceability of web services using underlying semantics 彭敦陆/王晓玲/周傲英 2010
40 Dynamic feedback robust stabilization of nonholonomic mobile robots based on visual servoing 王朝立,梁振英,贾庆伟 2010
41 Dynamic feedback tracking control of non-holonomic mobile robots with unknown camera parameters 王朝立,梅迎春,梁振英,贾庆伟 2010
42 Type of tunable guided-mode resonance filter based on electro-optic characteristic of polymer-dispersed liquid crystal 王琦,张大伟,黄元申 2010
43 Closed-loop modeling identification for multivariable processes in the frequency domain 王亚刚,许晓鸣 2010
44 Online multivariable process identification in the frequency domain 王亚刚,许晓鸣,蔡文剑 2010
45 Impact of traffic guidance information on vehicle behavior in network 魏赟,范炳全,韩印,干宏程 2010
46 Measurement of nano-particles by dynamic light scattering based on spectral estimation 杨晖,郑刚,王雅静 2010
47 Design of main circuit parameters for 20 kW three-level grid-connected converter 易映萍,刘刚,胡四全 2010
48 Fingerprint sensor using a polymer dispersed liquid crystal holographic lens 应捷,郑继红 2010
49 Simulation of the intrinsic defects in BaWO<inf>4</inf> crystal  应杏娟,杨齐 2010
50 Study on the absorption spectra and electronic structures of the CsI crystal with cesium vacancy  应杏娟,倪争技 2010
51 A new structure of multi-layer phosphor package of white LED with high efficiency 李柏承,张大伟 2010
52 Design of guided mode resonant filters tuned by azimuthal angle 张大伟,王琦,朱亦鸣 2010
53 Influence of film on the characteristics of sub-wave grating 张大伟,袁丽萌,黄元申 2010
54 Parameters analysis of a new type of white-light LED package structure 张大伟,孙浩杰,李柏承 2010
55 Preparation and spectral characterization of Lumogen coatings for UV-responsive CCD image sensors 张大伟,田鑫,黄元申 2010
56 Influence and correction of temperature on optical measurement for fat and protein contents in a complex food model system 张学典,常敏,邢留记,胡佳惠 2010
57 A measuring method of microdroplet detection using surface acoustic wave 常敏 周军 鲁敦科 张学典  2011
58 Effect of information transmission on inputs/outputs of networked sampling control system 邓亮,陈抱雪,隋国荣,张建彬,王关德 2011
59 Ion-exchange single-mode stripe waveguide for excitation of surface plasma wave 刘瑾,陈抱雪,杨海马 2011
60 Modeling and optimizing the pulse replicator based on the active recirculating optical loop 张建彬,陈抱雪,杨臻明,王关德,邓亮 2011
61 Research for measuring the multi-mode cut-off wavelength of LiNbO3 waveguide modulator fabricated by proton exchange 张广,陈抱雪,傅长松,隋国荣,王关德 2011
62 Study on the symmetric structure of surface plasmon resonance excited by planar waveguide 刘瑾,陈抱雪,杨海马 2011
63 Research on cut-off process of optical stopping effect in amorphous As2S8 thin-film waveguide 王关德,陈抱雪,浜中广见,矶守 2011
64 Theoretical study of W-shaped optical fiber with a depression in core center by applying analytical transfer matrix method
65 Mechanism of giant Goos-H&#228;nchen effect enhanced by long-range surface plasmon excitation 陈麟,刘选斌,曹庄琪,庄松林 2011
66 Influence of strong electron correlation on the Jahn-Teller effects in doped manganese perovskites 韩增智,耿滔 2011
67 Control of the multifocal properties of composite vector beams in tightly focusing systems 郭汉明,隋国荣,翁晓羽,董祥美,瑚琦,庄松林 2011
68 Propagation of an arbitrary incident light in a uniaxially planar slab 郭汉明,翁晓羽,隋国荣,董祥美,高秀敏,庄松林 2011
69 Three dimensional optical cage formed by TEM<inf>01</inf> mode radially polarized Laguerre-Gaussian beam 郭汉明,翁晓羽,董祥美,隋国荣,高秀敏,庄松林 2011
70 Multifocus with small size, uniform intensity, and nearly circular symmetry 郭汉明,董祥美,翁晓羽,隋国荣,杨宁,庄松林 2011
71 3-dimensional profiler based on digital micromirror device 许琦欣,侯文玫,盛世杰,张运波,沈丽艳 2011
72 Design and experiment of digital micromirror device based confocal microscope 张运波,侯文玫,句爱松 2011
73 Fast Parallel 3D Profilometer with DMD Technology 侯文玫,张运波 2011
74 Design and Analysis of Dual-Beam Heterodyne Interferometer 句爱松,张运波,侯文玫 2011
75 Sensor fusion calibration for driver assistance systems 黄影平,Thomas J Osgood 2011
76 Driver gaze tracker using deformable template matching 王卫, 黄影平,张仁杰 2011
77 An algorithms based on vehicle symmetry property for vehicle detection 李文杰,黄影平 2011
78 Reproducing colored image with guided-mode resonance gratings array 徐邦联,黄元申,王琦,陶春先,张大伟,倪争技,庄松林 2011
79 A novel optical polarimeter based on the signal width measurement of the waveform 贾宏志,夏桂珍,吴伯淳,金涛,鹿焕才 2011
80 Design of compact projection lenses using double-layered diffractive optical elements 贾宏志,王东琳 2011
81 Experimental verification of negative refractive phenomena of photonic crystal in 10.6 μm wavelength 梁斌明 2010
82 The Information/Solver Workflow Net  刘歌群   刘磊 2010
83 Controlled synchronizibility analysis for non-diffusively coupled complex networks 刘歌群  许晓鸣 2012
84 Choice of inner coupled matrix for a class of auto-synchronous diffusively coupled time-varying complex networks 刘歌群  许晓鸣 2012
85 Following control of four-wheeled mobile robot 刘子龙 丁玉静 江艳霞 2011
86 Research and development of soft sensor system based on virtual instrument 刘子龙  丁玉静  陈文博 2011
87 Active XML for service discovery in mobile environment 卢菁,朱小栋,彭敦陆,霍欢 2011
88 Turbo-based encryption with error correction capability 毛倩,秦川,徐伯庆,郭心悦 2011
89 A Novel Turbo-Based Encryption Scheme Using Dynamic Puncture Mechanism 毛倩,秦川 2012
90 Peng,Donglu;Cao,lidong;Xu,Wenjie 彭敦陆、曹丽东、徐文杰 2011
91 Variable-focus hysteresis of double-liquid variable-focus lens 王大振,彭润玲,陈家璧,庄松林 2011
92 Optimal proportional relation between laser power and pulse number for the fabrication of surface-microstructured silicon 彭滟,温雅,张冬生,罗士达,陈麟,朱亦鸣 2011
93 Effect of the relation between femtosecond laser power and pulse number for fabricating surface-microstructured silicon 彭滟,温雅,张冬生,陈宏彦,罗士达,陈麟,徐公杰,朱亦鸣 2011
94 Effect of the relation between femtosecond laser power and pulse number for fabricating surface-microstructured silicon 彭滟,温雅,张冬生,陈宏彦,罗士达,陈麟,徐公杰,朱亦鸣 2011
95 Effect of the relation between femtosecond laser power and pulse number for fabricating surface-microstructured silicon 彭滟,温雅,张冬生,陈宏彦,罗士达,陈麟,徐公杰,朱亦鸣 2011
96 Self-embedding fragile watermarking with restoration capability based on adaptive bit allocation mechanism 秦川,张真诚,陈佩妤 2012
97 Adaptive image inpainting using anisotropic heat transfer model 秦川,王朔中,张新鹏 2010
98 Image watermarking scheme with unequal protection capability based on error correcting codes 秦川,毛倩,张新鹏 2010
99 Research on gait recognition technology based on fiber array sensor 隋国荣、程利、陈抱雪、张仁杰、矶守 2011
100 Research and design of a fiber-optic temperature sensing film probe 胡佳慧,陶春先,张大伟,黄元申,倪争技 2011
101 Design of a high-speed data processing channel based on DSD for digital audio system 佟国香,汪婧昭,李毅 2011
102 Tong,Guoxiang;Liu,Yuan;Yan,Zicheng;LiuYue 佟国香,刘渊,严梓乘,刘跃 2011
103 Robust stabilization of nonholonomic chained form systems with uncertainties 梁振英(学生),王朝立 2011
104 Colored image produced with guided-mode resonance filter array 王琦,张大伟,徐邦联,黄元申,陶春先,李柏承,倪争技,庄松林 2011
105 Tunable intensity of the spectral reflectance of a guided-mode resonance filter with dual channels 王琦,张大伟,黄元申,倪争技,庄松林 2011
106 A method to accurately control the period of subwavelength planar holographic grating in the fabrication process of guided mode resonance filter 王琦,张大伟,黄元申,倪争技,庄松林 2011
107 Design of embedded controller based on virtual instrument 林璘,王亚刚 2011
108 Online identification of process systems in the frequency domain 王亚刚,许晓鸣,蔡文剑 2011
109 Research on video information acquisition module of OV7620 徐磊,芦薇 2011
110 Kinetic and thermodynamic studies on the adsorption of anionic surfactant on quaternary ammonium cationic cellulose 杨晖,郑刚,张仁杰 2010
111 An efficient recognition method for drivers' eye states 杨晶东、杨敬辉、蔡则苏、刘江伟 2010
112 An Efficient Path Planning Method Based on State Automata Model for Mobile Robots 杨晶东、杨敬辉、王伟光 2011
113 Control strategy of LCL-filter-based inverter for photovoltaic grid connection 易映萍,卢开平,王林 2011
114 Real-time detection and elimination of nonorthogonality error in interference fringe processing 胡海江,张凤登 2011
115 Variations in the point spread function characteristics of wavelengths for a wavefront coding imaging system 张荣福,鲁康 2011
116 The characteristics of multicolor imaging system for logarithmic wavefront coding 张荣福,王亮亮,王涛 2011
117 Optical chopper based on polymer dispersed liquid crystal gratings 蒋妍梦,郑继红,黄爱琴,王艇艇,孙国强,庄松林 2011
118 Influence of structural parameters of tunable triangular lattice photonic crystal on photonic band gap 黄爱琴,郑继红,徐邦联,蒋妍梦,唐平玉,周增军,庄松林 2011
119 H-PDLC based waveform controllable optical choppers for FDMF microscopy 郑继红,孙国强,蒋妍梦,王艇艇,黄爱琴,张运波,唐平玉 2011
120 Electrically controlled optical choppers based on holographic polymer dispersed liquid crystal gratings 郑继红,孙国强,温肯,王艇艇,庄松林,刘彦军,尹世琢 2010
121 Near UV-band frequency division multiplexing detecting technique with fluorescence microscopy 张运波,郑继红,蒋妍梦,侯文玫,张仁杰,庄松林 2011
122 Temperature dependence of nonequilibrium transport time of electrons in bulk GaAs investigated by time-domain terahertz spectroscopy 朱亦鸣,陈麟,彭滟,袁明辉,温雅,庄松林 2011
123 Terahertz electromagnetic waves emitted from semiconductor investigated using terahertz time domain spectroscopy 朱亦鸣,庄松林 2011
124 Simulation of optical model base on micro-cones structure of "black silicon" 吴文威,徐嘉明,陈宏彦 2011



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