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序号 论文名称 作者名单 发表年月
1 Optical microscopic imaging based on VRML Language 张学典 201001
2 ZigBee Wirelessly Network Module Design Based on CC2480 陈晓荣 201001
3 The development of monitoring system on water polluters by UV VIS spectroscopy 常敏 201001
4 Hybrid Differential Evolution Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Reactive Power Optimization 马立新 201003
5 region of interest coding for JPEG2000 侯俊 201003
6 Optical design and error analyses of lens for oberving the fiber core based on the software ZEMAX 孙晶露(**),李湘宁 201004
7 Layered Document Model Transformation and Operation Adaptation of Two Dimensional CAD Environments 高丽萍 201004
8 Improved scheme in 802.11 networks for application of fail-safety and real-time communication systems 胡海江(**),张凤登 201004
9 Determination of the optical constants of the thin films by means of transmission spectra and curve fitting 贾宏志 201004
10 Research on Active Suppression Resonant Peakof Pneumatic Vibration Isolators at Optical Instrument Platform 何建忠,刘涛(**) 201004
11 Spatial Correleration Clustering Algorithm for Data Gathering in Wireless Sensor Networks 郝聚涛 201004
12 A QoS Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad hoc Networked Control Systems 杨艳梅 201004
13 基于Linux及以太网的远程监控设计 沈昱明 201005
14 基于脉冲插值技术的SOPC的应用与实现 沈昱明 201006
15 A Corner-guided Template Matching Method in the VFD Defect Detection 金晅宏,戴曙光,穆平安 201006
16 Binary Matrix Factorization and Consensus Algorithms 傅迎华 201006
17 Robust adaptive PI controllers for large dead-time processes with sensitivity specification 王亚刚 201006
18 Quasi-min-max MPC algorithm for constraint LPV system based on time-varying one-step invariant set 赵敏 201007
19 Robust stabilization of uncertain kinematic systems in nonholonomic mobile robots with one trailer 王朝立 201007
20 The Information/Solver Workflow Net 刘歌群 201007
21 Feature Matching Method in Shaped Light Mode VFD Detect detection 金晅宏,戴曙光,穆平安 201007
22 Research of Spatial High-pass Filtering Algorithm in Particles Real-time Measurement System 金晅宏,戴曙光,穆平安 201007
23 Parameters influence analysis of dynamic light scattering signal simulation method of wavelet transform 王雅静(**),杨晖 201009
24 Simulation of dynamic light scattering signal based on wavelet transform 王雅静(**),杨晖 201009
25 Analysis of Music representations of vocal performances based on spectrogram 陈青 201009
26 Optimal Switch Placement in Distribution Networks under Different conditions using Improved GA 马立新 201009
27 Research on the Multi-spectrum Imaging System Based on Vision Technology 金晅宏 201009
28 The design of A New Tubular Linear Step Motor 杨文焕 201009
29 Study of the Airway Resistance of a Micro Robot System for Direct Tracheal Inspection 于莲芝 201009
30 Joint error correction and encryption scheme based on turbo codes 毛倩 201010
31 An Open User Model Service Platform 赵海燕 201010
32 The_Design_of_Light_Pipe_with_Microstructures_for_Touch_Screen 杨波 201010
33 Application of the PROFIBUS-DP in the Loading System of the Automobile Vacuum Booster Durability Test 周正阳(*),穆平安,戴曙光,金晅宏 201010
34 The Design of Short-term Load Forecast Systems Based on the Theory of Complex Systems 马立新 201010
35 Optimization for LED array to achieve uniform near-field illumination 李毅 201010
36 基于遗传算法和模拟退火算法的半导体生产线工件调度方法 唐春晖 201010
37 face recognition using local phase characteristics 江艳霞,任波(*) 201011
38 Secure Image Delivery Scheme Using Poisson Editing 秦川,李佳鸿(#),李维斌(#),张新鹏(#) 201011
39 A new encryption method using turbo code 毛倩 201011
40 转子流量计转子高度的自动识别 沈昱明 201011
41 高速铜条检测中的机器视觉设计 沈昱明 201011
42 formal photograph compression in jpeg2000 coding 侯俊 201011
43 Adaptive Measurement for the Cylinder Cover Socket Sleeve Gap Width Based on the Image Analysis of Second Ant Colony Optimization 张仁杰 201011
44 Conflict Detection Based on Improved Unscented Particle Filter 于莲芝 201011
45 The analysis of the wave front aberration caused by gravity of the tunable-focus liquid-filled membrane lens 张薇,庄松林,杨波 201012
46 Research on the Color Detection of LCD Instrument Panel Based on Machine Vision 戴曙光 201012
47 四角点检测算法在掌纹检测中的比较研究 沈昱明 201012
48 The cost model for fragmented XML streams 霍欢,陈庆奎,王国仁(#),彭敦陆,郝聚涛,高丽萍 201012
49 The Algorithm of Moving Objects Detection and Movement Templates Based on OpenCV 陈晓荣 201012
50 Application of Multi-task and Real-time Communication Technology Based on DM642 戴曙光 201012
51 Electro-Pneumatic Pressure Servo-Control for a Miniature Robot with Rubber Actuator 于莲芝 201012
52 Application and Implementation of UCPS Based on HDMI Interface 于莲芝 201012
53 A Digital Fingerprinting Scheme of Digital Image 张定会 201012
54 A way of Fuzzy Cerebellar Mode Articulation PID controller design 周亦敏 201101
55 Speech recognition method based on weighed autoregressive HMM 王朝立 201101
56 Factors influencing the resolution of the confocal laser scanning optical microscope 常敏 201101
57 Processing of audio signal in all fiber-optic sensor system 张学典 201101
58 High Speed Switch Electromagnetic Valve Control for a Miniature Robot Locomotion 于莲芝 201101
59 Characterization of nanoparticle based on the power spectrum density of dynamic light scattering 刘国斌(**),杨晖 201101
60 Quick generation of test vectors from SVF files for boundary-scan 黄丽华(*),穆平安,戴曙光 201102
61 The measurement of liquid level based on peak image recognition 沈昱明 201103
62 The application of image processing technology to flow discrimination from float flowmeters 沈昱明 201103
63 Wide Speed-Range Following Control for Road Autonomous Vehicles 刘子龙,江艳霞 201104
64 Robust exponential stabilization of nonholonomic chained systems with uncertain visual parameters 梁振英(*),王朝立 201106
65 Adaptive tracking control for dynamic nonholonomic mobile robots with uncalibrated camera 杨芳(*),王朝立 201106
66 小波分析在转自流量计读数中的应用 沈昱明 201106
67 Directional-adaptive-filter-based image interpolation using compressed domain information 张荣福 201106
68 Sensor fusion calibration for driver assistance systems 黄影平 201107
69 Driver gaze tracker using deformable template matching 黄影平 201107
70 An algorithms based on vehicle symmetry property for vehicle detection 黄影平 201107
71 Research of a Measuring System for UV Absolute Spectral Response Based on ECPR 瑚琦 201107
72 Auto-read Photoelectric Autocollimator Based on DSP and Area Array Imaging Sensors 瑚琦 201107
73 Research of Photoelectric Position Acquisition System 杨海马 201107
74 Robust control for uncertain nonholonomic systems and its application to mobile robots 王朝立 201107
75 Error-constrained tracking control for nonlinear systems with incomplete measurements and non-Gaussian noises 魏国亮 201107
76 Research of bird's-eye panoramic view for vehicle parking 应婕 201107
77 Dual T-S Fuzzy model identification with improved cooperative PSO 丁学明,张久忠(**) 201107
78 基于云存储的多媒体教室虚拟化管理平台研究与应用 王兵,周亦敏 201107
79 An Algorithm for Accurate Face Detection in Complex Background and Illumination 穆平安,戴曙光 201108
80 Application of Geiger-Mode Avalanche Photodiodes in Dynamic Light Scattering to the characterization of nanoparticles 邢世通(*),杨晖,郑刚 201108
81 Solution of min-max optimization problem for LPV systems via dynamic programming 赵敏 201108
82 Quasi-Min-Max MPC for Nonlinear System via Embedding Approach 赵敏,宋萍萍(**) 201108
83 Word text watermarking for IP protection and tamper localization 陈青 201108
84 An Improved Particle Swarm Optimization for Reactive Power Optimization 屈娜娜(**),马立新,任友明(**) 201108
85 Design of a free-form lens system for short distance projection 杨波 201108
86 Design and Analysis of Dual-Beam Heterodyne Interferometer 句爱松(*),侯文玫 201109
87 A simple monitoring network system of Wireless Sensor Network 张磊(**),袁明辉 201109
88 Theoretical analysis on time deviation in the nonlinear optical loop mirror 袁明辉 201109
89 Experiments of Electrically controlled optical choppers based on H-PDLC gratings 郑继红 201109
90 Influence of structural parameters on tunable photonic band gaps modulated by liquid crystals 郑继红 201109
91 High-frequency H-PDLC optical chopper for frequency division multiplexing fluorescence confocal microscopy system 郑继红 201109
92 直线旋转步进电机磁场的有限元分析与推力特性计算 杨文焕 201109
93 Short‐term Load Forecasting Based on Complexity Science Theory 马立新 201109
94 Research and Simulation of double-fed wind power generation rotor side control technology 马立新,郑益文(**) 201109
95 A New Scheme to Improve the Quality of Compressed Image Transmission by Turbo Unequal Error Protection Codes 毛倩,徐伯庆 201110
96 Measurement and transmission of steering wheel angle based on FlexRay 王闯(*),张凤登,华俊(*) 201110
97 Fast Parallel 3D Profilometer with DMD Technology 侯文玫 201110
98 A novel electronic travel aid for the blind 应婕 201110
99 Intelligent High-voltage Discharge Fault Detection and Its Diagnosis Methods Based On ANN 徐如钧(**),马立新,胡博(**),陶博豪(**) 201110
100 The application of Qt in liquid level detection 沈昱明 201111
101 H-PDLC Based Electrically Controlled Optical Chopper Applied Within the Fluorescence Microscopy System 郑继红 201111
102 an automatic service classification approach 赵海燕,陈庆奎 201112
103 基于DSP的增量式直方图粒子滤波跟踪算法与实现 夏轩(**),许伟明 201112
104 Research on Dynamic K-means Clustering Algorithm in Cyanobacteria Blooms Detection 杨旭(**),陈晓荣 201112
105 An efficient path planning method based on state automata model for mobile robots 杨晶东 201112
106 Research on the Sift algorithm in Image Matching 丛媛(**),陈晓荣 201112
107 Comparison of synchronizing speed limitations of networked Lorenz oscillators when coupling strength tends to infinity 刘歌群,许晓鸣 201201
108 Self-optimized nonlinear PID controller for networked chaotic systems to synchronize onto arbitrary orbit 刘歌群,许晓鸣 201201
109 General Control Model for Bionic Inchworm Robot Moving Modes Based on Discrete Hopfield Neural Network 于莲芝,程健(**) 201201
110 The Application of Linear Variable Filter to Improve the Resolution of Micro Spectrometer Systems 郑继红 201201
111 Blind Digital Watermarking of Integer Wavelet Transform 张定会 201201
112 Illumination compensation method for unevenly lighted document segmentation 巨志勇,guoqing Gu(#) 201203
113 Study of Hardware Architecture of Wireless Sensor Networks Test Bed 施伟斌 201203
114 Evaluation of Effects of WLAN Interference on WSN running CTP 施伟斌 201203
115 Experimental Study of WLAN Interference on IEEE 802.15.4 王赟(**),乐燕芬,施伟斌,孔维行(**) 201203
116 Application of intelligence optimization algorithm in curriculum schedule arranging of phased teaching 徐立萍(*),孙红 201204
117 Research and Analysis of Private Cloud:Evaluation of Case with Eucalypus and WaveMaker 陈实(*),何建忠 201204
118 A new data reduction approach over the stream processor architectur 陈庆奎,肖立(*),庄松林 201205
119 A Double Power Supply Network Design for Muti-Channel Transmitter Based on HART 戴曙光 201205
120 Improvement of Auto Panel Defect Detection Algorithm 金晅宏,戴曙光 201205
121 基于统计光学的全息散斑干涉原理 陈家璧 201205
123 VFD Character Display Defect Detection Based On Morphology And Connected Component Labeling 张彩艳(*),穆平安,戴曙光 201205
124 The Multichannel Experiment System For Vacuum Booster Based On Virtual Instrumentation 邬敏杰(*),穆平安,戴曙光 201205
125 Boundary and Initial Conditions in the Finite Difference Time Domain Methods Applied to Study Metal Hole Arrays 徐嘉明(**),陈麟,朱亦鸣 201205
126 Research on road detection based on blind navigation device 徐姗姗(*),应捷,宋彦斌(*) 201205
127 The panorama generation based on the homography estimation 宋彦斌(*),应捷,徐姗姗(*) 201206
128 对比与改进光电编码器输出脉冲的可逆计数方法 邓兆翠(*),张凤登 201206
129 Robust saturated finite-time stabilization for nonholonomic mobile robots based on visual serving 陈华(*),王朝立,张东凯(*) 201207
130 A Vehicle License Plate Location and correction method Based the Characteristics of License Plate 戴曙光 201207
131 An Algonithm for Human Eye Location in Complex Backgroud on Image Processing 穆平安,戴曙光 201207
132 A New Intelligent Color Scale Sensor 杨永才,张泉(**) 201207
133 Design of Program Framework of Binocular Vision Measurement System Based on DM642 戴曙光 201208
134 Nonlinear Model Predictive Control Algorithm Based on Filter-trust-region Method 赵敏,宋萍萍(**) 201208
135 Obstacle Detection of a Novel Travel Aid for Visual Impaired People 应捷,宋彦斌(*) 201208
136 A Smart Motor Speed Controller of Electrical Car 张泉(**),杨永才 201210
137 Design of Lenses with Protection Angle 施伟斌 201211
138 Design of Hopfield Neural Network controller for an inchworm Miniature Robot Locomotion 于莲芝,胡中颖(*) 201212



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