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序号 题目 作者 年份
1 Analyzing wavelength behavior of a cubic phase mask imaging system based on modulation transfer function 张荣福 张敏 鲁康 王涛 王亮亮 庄松林 2012
2 Using JSON for data exchanging in web service applications 彭敦陆、曹丽东、徐文杰 2012
3 Reproducing colored image with guided-mode resonance gratings array 徐邦联,黄元申,王琦,陶春先,张大伟,倪争技,庄松林 2012
4 Tunable optical power splitter based on the point defects of two-dimensional photonic crystal 王荣,梁斌明,张礼朝,庄松林 2012
5 Research and design of a fiber-optic temperature sensing film probe 胡佳慧,陶春先,张大伟,黄元申,倪争技 2012
6 A novel turbo-based encryption scheme using dynamic puncture mechanism 毛倩,秦川 2012
7 Non-approximate method for designing annular field of two-mirror concentric system 黄元申,朱东月,李柏承,张大伟,倪争技,庄松林 2012
8 Probability-dependent static output feedback control for discrete-time nonlinear stochastic systems with missing measurements 李忘言,魏国亮,王立成 2012
9 Controlled synchronizibility analysis for non-diffusively coupled complex networks 刘歌群,许晓鸣 2012
10 Parallel algorithm of IDCT with GPUs and CUDA for large-scale video quality of 3G 陈庆奎,王海峰,庄松林 2012
11 Elimination of the nonlinearity of heterodyne displacement interferometers 侯文玫,张运波,乐燕芬,句爱松 2012
12 Reversible data hiding scheme based on image inpainting  SCI收录(秦川) 2012
13 Multi-pixel photon counter in Photon Correlation Spectroscopy (PCS) for nanometre particle sizing 杨晖,郑刚,戴曙光,张仁杰,穆平安 2012
14 Perceptual image hashing based on the error diffusion halftone mechanism SCI收录(秦川 2012
15 Choice of inner coupled matrix for a class of auto-synchronous diffusively coupled time-varying complex networks 刘歌群,许晓鸣 2012
16 Experimental and theoretical research of unsaturated optical stopping effect in Sn-As<inf>2</inf>S<inf>8</inf> 王关德,陈抱雪,浜中广见,矶守 2012
17 An adaptive prediction-error expansion oriented reversible information hiding scheme SCI收录(秦川 2012
18 Perceptual robust image Hashing scheme based on secret sharing 秦川,张真诚,郭成 2012
19 Robust image hashing using non-uniform sampling in discrete Fourier domain 2013年发表并收录SCI(秦川) 2012
20 Adaptive self-recovery for tampered images based on VQ indexing and inpainting 2013年发表并收录SCI(秦川) 2012
21 Impact of induced bandgaps on sub-Poissonian shot noise in graphene armchair-edge nanoribbons 徐公杰,朱亦鸣,徐旭东,曹俊诚 2012
22 Development of photon cross-correlation spectroscopy for the characterization of nanoparticles in concentrated suspension 杨晖,郑刚,张仁杰,戴曙光,穆平安 2012
23 Power estimating model and analysis of general programming on GPU 王海峰,陈庆奎 2012
24 General scalable image compression for formal ID picture 侯俊 程燕 陈文 李校校 2012
25 Control strategy of LCL-filter-based inverter for photovoltaic grid connection 易映萍、芦开平、王琳 2012
26 Adaptive tracking control for uncertain dynamic nonholonomic mobile robots based on visual servoing 杨芳、王朝立 2012
27 Effect of the relation between femtosecond laser power and pulse number for fabricating surface-microstructured silicon 彭滟,温雅,张冬生,陈宏彦,朱亦鸣 2012
28 Research on cut-off process of optical stopping effect in amorphous As<inf>2</inf>S<inf>8</inf> thin-film waveguide 王关德,陈抱雪,浜中广见,矶守 2012
29 A novel power intensity routing in WSN 邬春学 2012
30 Differences in the evolution of surface-microstructured silicon fabricated by femtosecond laser pulses with different wavelength 彭滟,张冬生,陈宏彦,温雅,朱亦鸣 2012
31 An energy consumption model for GPU computing at instruction level 王海峰,陈庆奎 2012
32 Experimental study of dissolved oxygen sensing based on plastic optical fiber 王计元,陈抱雪,初凤红 2012
33 Stable circularly polarized emission from a vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser with a chiral reflector 朱亦鸣,许健 2012
34 Dynamic deploying distributed low-interaction honeynet 王海峰,陈庆奎 2012
35 Developing quantum dot phosphor-based light-emitting diodes for aviation lighting applications 吴奉炳,张大伟,尚淑珍,朱亦鸣,庄松林,许健 2012
36 Vibrational frequencies of anti-diabetic drug studied by terahertz time-domain spectroscopy 杜少卿,李洪,谢乐,陈麟,彭滟,朱亦鸣 2012
37 Design of virtual dashboard based on the SOC with graphic display controller integrated in 佟国香 2012
38 Cu<inf>2</inf>ZnSnS<inf>4</inf> solar cell prepared entirely by non-vacuum processes 陈勤妙,程抒一,庄松林,窦晓鸣 2012
39 Robust exponential stabilization of uncertain nonholonomic chained systems based on visual feedback 梁振英、王朝立 2012
40 Effect of pulse energy of femtosecond laser on the formation of spikes on the silicon surface in the ambient gas of SF<inf>6</inf> 温雅,彭滟,张冬生,陈宏彦,陈麟,朱亦鸣 2012
41 Recovery process of optical stopping effect in tin or phosphorus-doped amorphous As2S8 thin-film waveguide 王关德,陈抱雪,矶守,浜中广见 2012
42 Weak optical signal detection by modulating the light source 吴伯淳、贾宏志、王晓庆 2012
43 Experimental research of optical fiber sensor for salinity measurement 王计元,陈抱雪 2012
44 The effect of laser wavelength on the formation of surface-microstructured silicon 彭滟,陈宏彦,朱成刚,张冬生,周云燕,向浩,蔡斌,朱亦鸣 2012
45 Research on convergence and conflict treatment in evidence fusion 李烨,王亚刚,许晓鸣 2012
46 Semiglobal stabilization for nonholonomic mobile robots based on dynamic feedback with inputs saturation 陈华、王朝立、刘洋、张东凯 2012
47 An Algonithm for Human Eye Location in Complex Backgroud on Image Processing 邬敏杰、穆平安、戴曙光、张彩艳 2012
48 Early safety warning model for mining HV cable based on radar chart method 李海英;李玄;宋建成 2012
49 Experimental Stud y of Four -Channel Frequency Division Multiplexed Fluorescence Confocal Microscopy 郑继红 2012
50 Efficient method of obstacle avoidance based on behaviour fusion for mobile robots 杨晶东,蔡则苏,杨敬辉 2012
51 the research of shared memory communication technology based on avalon bus 佟国香 2012
53 Study on the non-vacuum printing technology for the fabrication of CuInSe2 thin film solar cell 周芳芳,陈勤妙,朱子诚,倪一,李振庆,窦晓鸣,庄松林 2012
54 A New Distributed  Application Server System Based on Cloud Computing 孙红 2012
55 The research of shared memory communication technology based on avalon bus 邹家戍,佟国香 2013
56 Experimental study of four-channel frequency division multiplexed fluorescence confocal microscopy 唐平玉,郑继红,孙国强,张梦华,郭彩虹,庄松林 2013
57 Design and implementation of an off-axis rotary optical communication system 郑秋心;李毅;沈雨剪;李榴;黄毅泽;朱慧群;王锋;方宝英;王晓华;梁倩;严梦;丁杰;佟国香;覃源 2013
58 Early safety warning model for mining HV cable based on radar chart method 李海英,李玄,宋建成 2013
59 Experimental study of four-channel frequency division multiplexed fluorescence confocal microscopy 唐平玉,郑继红,孙国强,张梦华,郭彩虹,庄松林 2013
60 Adaptive state-feedback stabilization for stochastic nonholonomic chained systems 张东凯、王朝立,陈华 2013
61 An anticollision protocol for large-scale single-reader RFID systems 郝聚涛,陈庆奎 2013
62 Optimization of slit structures for transmission enhancement of THz wave 袁明辉,黄鑫,张璇峰 2013
63 Focal length hysteresis of a double-liquid lens based on electrowetting 彭润玲,王大振,胡志威,陈家璧,庄松林 2013
64 Research of the precision clock synchronization based on IEEE 1588 钱伟康,郭超,梅俊慧 2013
65 Preparation by spin-coating technology and characterization of UV-enhanced Lumogen film 姜霖,张大伟,陶春先,黄元申,王琦,倪挣技,庄松林 2013
66 High efficiency nano-silver-doped holographic polymer dispersed liquid crystal grating 张梦华,郑继红,唐平玉,郭彩虹,王康妮 2013
67 Calculation of the diffraction efficiency on concave gratings based on Fresnel-Kirchhoff's diffraction formula 黄元申,李婷,徐邦联,洪瑞金,陶春先,凌进中,李柏承,张大伟 2013
68 Saturated tracking control for nonholonomic mobile robots with dynamic feedback 陈华、王朝立,陈华,张宾吾,张东凯 2013
69 Finite-time saturated stabilization for a class of nonlinear systems with dynamic feedback 张恒俊、王朝立,陈华 2013
70 Design and analysis of guided-mode resonance filter containing an absentee layer with an antireflective surface 桑田,蔡托,刘芳,蔡绍洪,张大伟 2013
71 Experimental design and theoretical analysis on the proof experiment of the inverse Doppler effect at optical frequencies 蒋强,梁斌明,胡艾青 2013
72 Filter properties of chirped fiber Bragg grating Fabry-Perot cavity: A potential wavelength stabilizer of diode laser 黄毅泽;李毅;佟国香;方宝英;王晓华;梁倩;严梦;覃源;王锋;丁杰 2013
73 Dictionary-based data hiding using image hashing strategy 秦川,张真诚,邹佩玲 2013
74 Efficient reversible data hiding for VQ-compressed images based on index mapping mechanism 秦川,张真诚,陈延菖 2013
75 Improving the performance of aggregate queries with cached tuples in mapReduce 彭敦陆,段凯,谢雷 2013
76 Improving the accuracy of optical rotation measurement based on optical null methods by curve-fitting 杨振皓,贾宏志 2013
77 An image encryption scheme based on concatenated torus automorphisms 毛倩,张真诚,吴小玲 2013
78 Adaptive stabilization of stochastic non-holonomic systems with non-homogeneous uncertainties 张东凯、王朝立,陈华,杨芳,杜军平 2013
79 General calculation method of diffraction efficiency of concave blazed gratings 李婷,黄元申,徐邦联,李柏承,张大伟,陶春先,凌进中 2013
80 Concentration measurement of particles by number fluctuation in dynamic light backscattering 杨晖,杨海马,孔平,朱亦鸣,戴曙光,郑刚 2013
81 The spectrum of quantum dots film for UV CCD 姜霖,孙浩杰,徐邦联,张大伟,陶春先,黄元申,倪挣技,庄松林 2013
82 Adaptive tracking control for dynamic nonholonomic mobile robots with uncalibrated visual parameters 杨芳、王朝立,井光柱 2013
83 A secure image delivery scheme with regional protection capability using image inpainting and editing 秦川,张真诚,李维斌,张新鹏 2013
84 Identifying radix curcumae based on partial least squares 陈庆奎,朱亦鸣,贾贺,杜邵青,刘光敏,庄松林 2013
85 The new way of controlling aluminum-doped zinc oxide films properties: Ion beam post-treatment with cooling system 倪挣技,张大伟,孙浩杰,王文娜,张道华,梅庭 2013
86 Research on the characteristics of tunable structure nanowire-grid polarizer 凌进中,黄元申,王中飞,王琦,张大伟,庄松林 2013
87 Focusing properties of hyperbolic-cosine-Gaussian beams combining a helical axicon 董祥美,耿滔,庄松林 2013
88 The far field scattering of single walled carbon nanotubes illuminated by a Gaussian beam 杨晖,孔平,杨海马,邢世通,郑刚 2013
89 Optimization method of wide flat-field holographic concave grating eliminating both astigmatism and coma 李柏承,黄元申,王琦,陶春先,张大伟,倪挣技,庄松林 2013
90 Thermal oxidation-grown vanadium dioxide thin films on FTO (Fluorine-doped tin oxide) substrates 佟国香,李毅,王峰,方宝英,黄毅泽,王晓华,朱慧群,李榴 2013
91 The interface shape of the double-liquid lens 彭润玲,胡志威,陈家璧,庄松林 2013
92 Focus shaping of Weierstrass solid immersion lens by an axisymmetric Bessel-modulated Gaussian beam 董祥美,耿滔,庄松林 2013
93 One-pot, rapid synthesis of chalcopyrite CuInSe2 nanoparticles for low-cost thin film solar cell 韩朝霞,张大伟,陈勤妙,梅庭,庄松林 2013
94 Synthesis and reaction pathway investigation of chalcopyrite CuInSe 2 nanoparticles for one-pot method 韩朝霞,张大伟,张道华,洪瑞金,陈勤妙,陶春先,黄元申,倪挣技,庄松林 2013
95 A liquid refractive index detect method based on negative refraction phenomenon in 2D photonic crystal structure 胡艾青,梁斌明,蒋强,王荣,庄松林 2013
96 Experiment of Doppler shift of diffraction beam 李春霞,许江华,陈家璧,庄松林 2013
97 A novel reversible data hiding scheme for VQ-compressed images using index set construction strategy 秦川,张真诚,陈延菖 2013
98 Edge directed automatic control point selection algorithm for image morphing 毛倩,Bharanitharan, K.,张真诚 2013
99 State estimation for complex networks with randomly occurring coupling delays 王立成,魏国亮,舒慧生 2013
100 High-sensitivity roll-angle interferometer 乐燕芬、侯文玫、胡凯、时凯 2013
101 Orthogonal DPSK/CSK modulation and public-key cryptography-based secure optical communication 戴博 2013
102 Tunable focusing of sine-azimuthal wavefront modulated cosh-Gaussian beams by one spiral optical vortex 王文,张大伟,高秀敏,洪瑞金,庄松林 2013
103 Power control for GPU clusters in processing large-scale streams 陈庆奎,王海峰,刘伯成 2013
104 Optical properties of photoresist in the terahertz range 王银萍,张大伟,陶春先,洪瑞金,庄松林 2013
105 Preparation of W-doped VO2/FTO composite thin films by DC magnetron sputtering and characterization analyses of the films 佟国香,李毅,王峰,黄毅泽,方宝英,王晓华,朱慧群 2013
106 Electro-optical characteristics of holographic polymer dispersed liquid crystal gratings doped with nanosilver 张梦华,郑继红,桂坤,王康妮,郭彩虹,韦晓鹏,庄松林 2013
107 Cloud-based application of encipher scheme for web of things 孙红、张建宏 2013
108 Tilted and axis-shift Lloyd's mirror system for recording low-density and large-area holographic grating 钱林勇,盛斌,黄元申,凌进中,洪瑞金,张大伟,徐邦联 2013
109 Design and realization of the off-axis fiber optic rotary joint with large inner diameter 丁杰;李毅;王锋;覃源;梁倩;严梦;方宝英;王晓华;佟国香;陈少娟;陈建坤;袁文瑞;郑鸿柱 2013
110 Effective fragile watermarking for image authentication with high-quality recovery capability 秦川,张真诚,许泰榕 2013
111 A fast algorithm for matrix embedding steganography 毛倩 2013
112 An Inpainting-Assisted Reversible Steganographic Scheme Using a Histogram Shifting Mechanism 秦川,张真诚,黄英轩,廖俐婷 2013
113 Adaptive Self-recovery for Tampered Images Based on VQ Indexing and Inpainting 秦川,张真诚,陈国男 2013
114 Robust Image Hashing Using Non-Uniform Sampling in Discrete Fourier Domain 秦川,张真诚,邹佩玲 2013
115 A Power Grid Planning Method Considering Transmission Line Load Rate Constraint and
Flexible Cost Evaluation Within Full Planning Cycle
孙伟卿,王承民,张焰 2013
116 Design of a Drinking Water Filtration System with Intelligent and Security Management 夏鲲,廖新深,徐鑫悦,葛越 2013
117 Design of Lion-battery Storage Management System with Energy Feedback 夏鲲,徐鑫悦,季诺,袁印 2013
118 Survey on Bayesian network development and application 黄影平 2013
119 Wireless design of WI-FI of one data acquisition device 钱伟康,潘少军,梅俊慧,应怀樵 2013
120 Design and Creation of the Automatic Data Testing Tools for Smart Sensor Based on CAN Bus 钱伟康,郑晓琳 2013
121 Research on the Algorithm about Optical Fiber Parameters Measurement 陈晓荣 丛媛 奚传立 2013
122 A high sensitive roll angle interferometer 乐燕芬,侯文玫,胡凯,句爱松 2013
123 Contour extraction based on improved snake model and its application in vehicle identification 刘述民,黄影平,张仁杰 2013
124 Decision strategy for fault troubleshooting using bayesian influence diagram 王玉莎,黄影平,张仁杰 2013
125 Based on Cloud Computing Distributed System Optimization Study of Clock Synchronous Algorithm 孙红,陈世平,张华轩 2013
126 Research and Simulation of Task Scheduling Algorithm in Cloud Computing 孙红,陈世平,金辰,郭凯 2013
127 A New Distributed  Application Server System Based on Cloud Computing 孙红/陈世平/徐立萍 2013
128 An Image-Based Key Agreement Protocol Using the Morphing Technique 毛倩,张真诚,韩亮,张世昌 2013
129 A Reversible Steganography Suitable for Embedding Small Amounts of Data 毛倩,张真诚,钟定峰 2013
130 Applied research of location fingerprint positing system based on the improved AUKF algorithm  曹春萍,陈平,王亚刚 2013



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